April 2015 – Killing people doesn’t turn anything to the better

Bali nine 2Another senseless act of inhumanity. So Indonesia again joins countries like Iran, China Saudi Arabia and a large number of US states. Nobody should have the right to kill human beings. No Governments, no judge, no clerics – no one. It’s as simple as that.

There is no doubt: drug traffickers, dealers, producers have to be punished hard. Clearly they are part of the evil in our world. However killing these people does not turn anything to the better. Is there less crime in Texas just because they are “legally” killing people on a almost regular base? Are there less people criticising the rulers of Saudi Arabia just because they are beheading critics? In the contrary.

Bali nine 1And does anybody in Indonesia really think, that shooting some traffickers will really solve the tremendous drug problem in the country? Will it close down a single crystal-meth factory? Will it erase Indonesia from the list of the leading heroin exporters?

As long as Indonesians make millions maybe even billions of dollars doing drug businesses, as long as it is so easy to bribe law enforcement officers, government officials, maybe even judges nothing will change.