April 2015 – Light and Music and Ideas

What a nice briefing! And I am not talking about the lamb kebabs, the sandwiches, the abalone, the champagne and the wine. I’m talking about the information we were given.

Vivid-Chatswood_JellyfishIt was an evening with the people from “Destination NSW”  and with the leading figures responsible for VIVID Sydney . Assisted by Powerpoint, Photoshop and a lot of facts the presented their vision of Sydney full of light, music and ideas.

Vivid 2Indeed VIVID Sydney again will be absolutely unique. Not one of the world’s wonders – but pretty close. Definitely a must see for all those around and a good reason to travel to Sydney (and beyond).

The official opening ceremony for VIVID Sydney will be at 18:00 on May 22nd. A number of TV stations will be live on air.