April 2015 – We’re not cut off yet…

The weather in our region is really wild – and it is very likely to worsen in the hours to come.

Brisbane waters drive 1Not far away from our place three people have been killed when their homes have been washed away. Train services along the Central Coast between Sydney and Newcastle are very limited as trees have fallen on the line and overhead wires have been cut.

We took to the streets minutes ago and found lots of roads blocked because of flooding or fallen trees. Power lines have been cut in our area – fortunately we are not affected yet. We’ve got power and we are still online.

Brisbane waters drive 2The Bureau of Meteorology reported 120 millimetres of rainfall over night and wind speeds up to 135kph. Swell off the coast of New South Wales was up to 10 metres. Meteorologist say it was the wettest 24-hour period since 2002.

At this moment more than 200.000 houses are without power across New South Wales.