September 2015 – Is Australia really a Food and Wine Destination?

In an in-flight-magazine aboard an Australian airline I recently read a very positive article praising a gourmet restaurant in the Hunter Valley region. As a frequent traveller I certainly know, that articles in in-flight-magazines very often are nothing but paid advertisements. Nevertheless I was curious to find out what’s right and what’s wrong in what I read about Margan-Restaurant.

margan3My wife and me we booked a table for dinner and made our way up north to a place called Broke, a village in Hunter Valley, just 20 kilometres south of Singleton – more or less in the middle of nowhere. Margan-vineyards were easy to find and the restaurant is nestled right in the middle.

As we were a bit early we were left with a wine-list in our hands in a kind of lobby to be taken to our table after a few minutes. Wine was quickly chosen, we had a Sémillon from 2006 – and it was great. Whatever you order you always get unlimited (filtered) rainwater.

The dinner-menu is easy to understand. You either chose the fixed menu (five courses) or chose from a list of menus with only two or three courses. We had the fixed five-course-menu which finally was more or less a seven-course-menu as there came some extras “from the chef”.All of the courses were nicely decorated, very creative composed and just perfect in taste. Finally we had perfectly cured salmon, some pork and lamb as well as a good piece of beef. And above that all the restaurant guarantees, that all of the vegetables and most of the fruit are hand-picked from their own garden. The menu was 70 US-Dollar per Person.

All in all a very nice experience and another evidence that Australia is not only a wine-country for years now but more and more also becoming a high quality food-destination.