January 2015 – Soccer is different

StandbildIt’s the first time we’re reporting on soccer/football from Australia. The country hosts the Asian Cup this year and when our assignment came up the teams were already in the Quarter Finals.

Deutsche Welle, the international broadcaster of Germany asked us to have an eye on the team from Korea. Why Korea? Simply because their coach is German and was a famous German soccer player some years ago. Uli Stielike (that’s his name) trains the Koreans since September 2014 and with him they seem to be pretty successful.

We made our way to shoot a training session in the south of Sydney and found out, that even in Australia Football and Media seems to have a difficult relationship. Sure we had to have an official accreditation. No problem, got it! Shooting outside of the stadium where the training took place? No problem! Shooting on the field? No way! Interview with one of the players (also playing for a German Bundesliga club)? No way!

Finally (on the sideline) we got our soundbite with the German coach. Uli Stielike was really friendly and helpful. Thanks!