January 2015 – Something different from Brisbane

Brisbane“Sure we want footage from the fireworks at New Years Eve in Australia” said one of our customers. “But please not from Sydney again!”. For many years in a row they had (marvellous) footage from the Harbour Bridge – this time they wanted fireworks from Queensland’s capital. We were in doubt as we had no idea how it would be in Brisbane. Would it be as fascinating as it was in Sydney? Anyway, the customer is always right – so we went off to Brisbane. Not so easy to find a hotel – and not cheap at all. But it was worth to go up north.

Fireworks were launched from three barges on Brisbane River and two tower buildings in the CBD. And it was really great! Not as bombastic as in Sydney but very tastefully arranged. Weather was almost perfect as there was a little bit of drizzling rain after 11 p.m. – and totally dry and clear minutes before midnight.Thanks for the wonderful night, dear customer!
DSC_1981 (1)