March 2015 – Authorities still confident that MH-370 will be found

AufsagerSYDIt is exactly a year ago that a Boeing 777 airliner disappeared without any trace. It was the flight MH-370 on route from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. 41 Minutes after departure radio contact to the plane was lost. Experts believe, the aircraft ditched in an area that stretches hundreds of nautical miles off the west coast of Australia.

As of today four vessels with highly sophisticated equipment are in search for the plane or its debris. It won’t be before mid May that the search in the designated area will be completed.


In Canberra we just spoke to Judith Zielke. She is the chief coordinator of the Joint Agency Coordination Centre and in charge for the mission. She thinks that finding the plane is very important and she says:

ZiehlkeStill“It is a huge effort, but I believe that we owe it to the families of those on board to try to identify what the answer to MH-370 is, what has happened, where is the aircraft located – using our best efforts in that regard, of course. But also to the general travelling public, you know, those people who want to be able to get on a plane comfortably and understand what is happening to aircraft internationally.”

And later she told us, that she is quite confident, that the aircraft will be found soon.