March 2015 – Disaster in Paradise 03

“Be at his house at 10 in the morning”, that’s what the personal secretary of the president told us. We couldn’t quite make it – our driver was late. Roads were blocked by tractors moving fallen trees aside.

Interview Präsident Lonsdale2Baldwin Lonsdale, the President of Vanuatu was waiting for us on his terrace when we arrived at his home. We came with two camera teams and it took about half an hour to set up all the equipment.

In our interview he gave us a brief report on the situation on his islands as well as an outlook to the future of Vanuatu. The main problem in the aftermath of cyclone Pam is the shortage of drinking water. Still tens of thousands of people have no access to clean water, a life threatening situation especially for children end elderly citizens.

What the president asked me after our cameras were turned off was “You Germans are well known for your THW and their water purification systems. They were so helpful in other disaster areas before. Why don’t we get your help as our people need it desperately to survive?”

I had no answer…

To be continued