March 2015 – Is there a Life without a Smartphone?

AircraftCabinWe are on approach to Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport. Just a few more minutes and the plane will touch down. One of the cabin attendants explains that the use of mobile phones is still not allowed, that all electronic devices should be shut off until passport and customs control is passed.

Next thing that happens is that twenty ore more passengers grab their smartphones, turn them on and start checking and sending SMS messages. Some try to hide their phones under their cushion others do it openly. All there messages must be incredible urgent (most probably life saving) – or why are the phones on?

Do these people know that using a mobile phone during take off and landing can be very dangerous? Do they know that mobile phone can create ear-battering noises in the headsets of the pilots? Especially in older planes?

Why are some people ignorant or stupid enough to endanger others? Can an SMS be more important than the safety of an aircraft?