March 2016 – A never ending Summer

BushwalkYesterday we were out on a bush-walk. Three hours up and down the rocks, crossing over rivers (if they weren’t dried out) and through deep forests. And it was unbelievable hot for this time of the year.

Indeed the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) confirms that the unseasonally hot weather breaks records. We’re almost in the middle of March, autumn should be there or very near but Australia is grappling with a seemingly endless summer in every state and territory.

Melbourne sweltered through the hottest March night on record last Tuesday, when temperatures hovered at 30 degrees Celsius. Hot conditions continued in the north of the state on Wednesday, with temperatures reaching as hight as 39°.

Here in Sydney 33 consecutive days with temperatures above 26° were recorded and the forecast shows the warm weather is set to continue for at least another week.

After that the country’s south-west will heat up, with Perth heading for temperatures above 35° next week.

Right now, writing these words the temperature again is slightly above 30° Celsius. Thank you very much Mr. Carl von Linde for the invention of the chiller-machine in 1895 that only made today’s air-conditioning systems possible.