May 2015 – 120 Years back in Time with Deutsche Post?

I have got mail today. And I don’t mean email I am talking about a real letter in a real envelope.

Not that this is something special. We’ve got mail in our post-box almost every day. But this letter had an interesting journey from Germany all the way down to Australia.

It is a letter from one of our customers providing essential information concerning the jobs we do for them. The letter was mailed in Bonn/Germany on April 3rd. Today, the day we received it, is May 26th. That is 52 days from Europe to Australia.

BriefVorn_000On the front side of the envelope there is a blue “Priority”- sticker and a stamp saying that the item was received by “Deutsche Post” on the flip side I found a postmark saying “Mail Center Riyadh” and “Kingdom of Humanity” dated May 5th. So it looks like not only Saudi Arabia calls itself the “Kingdom of Humanity” but Deutsche Post, the world’s largest courier company, uses Riyadh as a hub for letters to Australia and elsewhere.

BriefHintenAnd it looks like Deutsche Post and other German courier services use quite a number of interesting hubs. A few days ago we received a letter from a public authority in Berlin – stamped in Malta, mailed four weeks before we got it. Other mail coming from Germany was stamped in Cyprus or the Netherlands.

Most probably they do it because it might be a few cents cheaper than sending letters the fastest way – but almost two month transit time for a simple priority air-mail letter from Europe to Australia is not only a step back into the 19th century (when mail was carried by ship) but also very bad and customer-unfriendly service.

And of course I ask myself why it works very well the other way round? Letters from Australia to Germany normally reach the addressee after not more than seven days.