May 2015 – Is this the way to force people to the ballot boxes?

NZ NordIt is not the first time this idea comes up. The reason is, that the government of New Zealand is utterly unhappy with the turnout of voters in the regional and general elections in the country. Turnout at the last general elections in 2014 was almost 78 % – compared with a turnout in Germany (2013: 70,9 %) not bad at all.

But still – some New Zealanders want to make better by forcing even more people to the ballot boxes. The idea is, that only people who really go to the elections to cast their vote are eligible to receive social benefits.

Transferred to the situation in Germany tens of thousands of people might get rid of their social welfare benefits if not voting in political elections. Maybe a way to encourage people to express their political will.

Here in neighbouring Australia they do not have these problems. Voting in Australia is compulsory. If you don’t go – you pay a fine. If you don’t go again you might even go to jail.