October 2014 – Shooting in Brisbane

BrisbaneBrisbane is the capital of Queensland, the state in the upper right corner of Australia. What’s special about Brisbane? It’s a very modern city, the weather is (almost) always fine, the city has no debt – and Brisbane is hosting the G-20-summit this year in November. At least 20 heads of state and/or government will attend the meeting.  Yes, of course President Obame will come, Mrs. Merkel will join in and Mr. Putin is invited as well. Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia will welcome all of them.

We most probably won’t be there during the Summit. Accommodation ist simply unaffordable and most of the media outlets in the 20 states will send their correspondents along with the politicians.

Long before the summit starts we will produce a documentary showing the viewers what kind of city Brisbane is, how the people live and work and how it feels to be so close to the world famous Great Barrier Reef.