September 2015 – What are Elections good for?

tony-abbottsepiaIt was nothing but a party-room-ballot. Party members met in a room inside the parliament-house in Canberra – and after an hour or so about 22 Million of Australians had to realise that they had a new government.

All right, it was about time to say good-bye to Tony Abbott . Just by repeating the sentence „we stopped the boats“ over and over again it’s not possible to rule a country more than 20 times the size of Germany.


thSo there is already a new Prime-minister and there will be a lot of new Ministers very soon – and nobody did ask the people, the Australians! Here in Australia (and elsewhere) they call it the “Westminster System”. Wikipedia  says, it is a democratic parliamentary system of government modelled after the politics of the United Kingdom. And this is exactly where my problem begins.

How is it possible to call a system “democratic” if it allows a government not elected by the people or by a parliament representing the people? How can a country have a head of government not elected by the voters?

I asked exactly these questions to a number of Australians and got different answers. While some are saying, that a system in use for more than 700 years can’t be too bad others feel indignant with the old-fashioned way of creating a government. Surprisingly I found out, that lots of Australians do not even care…

My personal understanding of democracy is a different one – but I was not born and raised in a country being a part of a monarchy.