Some Clips in our Video Gallery

VanuatuTV report from Vanuatu after the devastating
cyclone in 2015.


Timor-LesteEast-Timor still struggling after 12 Years
of Independence.


DSC_6103_id_9240119489_CC_NC_BY_Elisabeth-_12224997@N03Doping in sports seems to be a major problem. German public TV
produced a number of reports coming up with lots of facts and research. We
were responsible for all the footage from Australia.







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WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA-NEWS reports from Sydney for German language media. News is our business. Fast, reliable, objective. Operated by journalists with German as their mother tongue, events in Australia and New Zealand can be observed and reported specifically from a “German point of view”. As TV and radio journalists, supplemented with years of experience


DIETER HERRMANN was chief duty editor, editor and correspondent/reporter i.a. for Deutsche Welle TV for almost two decades. During this time he reported from Angola, Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Gambia, Kenya, Congo (DRC and RC), Madagascar, Ruanda, Zimbabwe, Somalia, South Sudan and other African countries among others. He has also sent reports from both Gulf wars,


We are also able to produce almost all formats for radio, from short news bulletins to classic, full length reports. Our primary focus is Australia – but we can report from New Zealand and the entire South Pacific region. Interviews and two ways are possible from virtually anywhere at any time – via satellite if