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A number of our staff have been working in television for over 20 years. We are able to produce almost all formats, from short news bulletins to classic, full length reports. Our primary focus is Australia – but we can report from New Zealand and the entire South Pacific region.
Live or pre-recorded two ways / Q&As are possible from virtually anywhere at any time – via satellite if necessary. We transmit images from the nearest ABC studio (EBU partner) or from local SNGs. It is also technically possible to interviews / two ways via Skype, but they are of course not comparable with transmission via TV satellite.
Similarly, video is also transmitted by the ABC or an SNG. Of course, transmission to an FTP server is also possible via the internet.
We have XD cameras such as the SONY 700/800-series and the EX-3 available at all times. If required, we can also employ a DSLR. In the event that ‘exotic’ solutions are needed that we are unable to provide ourselves, we cooperate with local affiliates. For our audio needs we primarily employ Sennheiser and Røde equipment.
Our editing units are equipped with software like GrassValley EDIUS and ADOBE CS (latest versions).
Our main collaborating partner on an international basis is the globally active “Tollerort TV & Film GmbH” based in Hamburg.